Fixed Mac Build, Added Codex Menu, & Uploaded Trailer!

Hey Awesome People!

I was notified of an issue with the Mac build, and now it's fixed and should be working! If you previously downloaded the Mac build, I apologize. Please redownload the Mac file and you should be able to play the game now!

All version have been updated slightly to include a codex menu with unlockable entries about characters and locations. If you download this update and already have a save file from the earlier version, you can find the save files in the game folder under "Make It Last While You Can_Data\NaninovelData\Saves" and copy the files over to the updated game directory. All of the entries that you would've unlocked in the codex, will be unlocked in the codex.

There is now a windows installer, in case you use windows and you prefer to use that method rather than opening the compressed archive file.

And if you haven't noticed already, I have uploaded the trailer to youtube. You can watch it on this post or the game's page.

Thank you all for being so amazing! 
- Ame


Make It Last - While You Can - Mac 321 MB
Sep 06, 2020
Make It Last - While You Can - Windows Installer 263 MB
Sep 07, 2020
Make It Last - While You Can - Windows Zip 320 MB
Sep 07, 2020
Make It Last - While You Can - Linux 325 MB
Sep 06, 2020

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